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Vita exclusive action RPG Freedom Wars has a Western release date. And we don't have that much longer to wait to get our hands on the impressive looking hacky slasher.

Americans can get their hands on the PSN and retail version on October 28th. Europeans will get the download a day later on October 29th, and have to wait until October 31st to nab the physical version.

As you'd expect there are some pre-order bonuses that include extra weapons, some in-game stickers, and some exclusive costumes. It's the same bonus DLC that was available when the game launched in Japan.

The game is all about teaming up with friends locally or online to take down massive mechanical beasts. You can play on your own as well. But those mechanical beasts are pretty big.

So there you go, a game in a box is coming out on the PS Vita. And it looks quite shiny. Expect the US version to cost $29.99 and the UK version to be about £29.99.


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