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This one snuck up on us a little. They Need To Be Fed 3 has just turned up on the App Store, bringing with it another slice of multi-dimensional, brightly coloured platforming.

There are some new additions to the formula this time though which have piqued our interest. There's a new Epic Mode that lets you replay the levels upside down and with new and more difficult obstacles.

Then there's the Adventure Mode that adds interconnected areas and shakes up the bite-sized nature of the first two entries in the series, They Need To Be Fed, and They Need To Be Fed 2.

The controls are just as smooth as ever, and the plants you're trying to feed have turned into massive terrifying tentacle snake things.

They Need to be Fed 3 is out right now on the App Store, and it'll set you back £1.49 / $1.99 to give it a bash.