Spellfall isn't a unique, free to play tile-matching puzzler RPG as is claimed, but it's actually quite engaging. At least, at first it is.

It works as expected: You match elemental spells in a grid to cast attack magic at the spiders, goblins, and beasts of the dark that want to eat you.

It's framed as a fighting game, if anything, as you have a certain number of moves before the enemy attacks. Whichever one of you reduces the HP of their opponent first is the winner.

There are also RPG elements, as you can purchase and earn new gear and spells for your sorcerer. This becomes more essential the further you progress as the tougher enemies arrive.

Other than that, there are a few minor mechanics of note. Matching four (or more) tiles issues more damage. However, those tiles you used will converge into a single one which, when matched, unleashes even more damage.

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You also build up much stronger spells by matching specific elemental tiles. Let's use the Earth tiles (leaf) as an example: match enough of them and you can cast poison on your enemy.

Oh, and there's also the runes you can purchase with the coins you earn. These imbue some of the tiles in the grid with special enchantments. Usually, they just offer you ways to inflict more damage.

As expected, you can purchase more coins with real money.

Standard stuff, then, mostly. However, with Spellfall's animated characters and inviting 3D presentation, it's quite enjoyable.

You can download Spellfall on the App Store right now for free.