The Humble Mobile Bundle 6, which debuted last week, added three new games to its line-up of six, making for a total of nine Android games for an extremely low price.

As usual, paying what you want will get you Eliss Infinity, Duet Premium, and Combo Crew Special Edition.

Paying over the average (currently $4.50) earns you Threes!, Mines of Mars, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Full Game, and now with the extra titles added in, Carmageddon, Time Surfer, and Llamas With Hats: Cruise Catastrophe.

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is the Silver Award-winning mobile port of the violent 1997 racing game. Time Surfer is the Silver Award-winning infinite runner that Pocket Gamer's review called "fast-paced, brightly coloured fun. Llamas With Hats is a game about kicking people off a cruise ship, and based off the Llamas with Hats short cartoons.

Read up on the other games offered in our initial coverage of the bundle here. The Humble Mobile Bundle 6 will be available to purchase until next Tuesday, August 19th.