Time is limited. Apps are plentiful.

How can you make sense of the ever-increasing number of new games in the App Store? Well, by reading Pocket Gamer, of course. But we can't possibly cover everything, and there are some games that just don't fit in our wheelhouse.

Thankfully, our friends over at 148Apps are here to save the day. Take a look at some of the casual games that have caught the attention of the 148Apps team…

By Martin Kleinhans


"A game for the twitchy player, Angularis is simple yet entertaining." (Jennifer Allen)

By Pocket Trend


"Pokemon by a different name; Micromon very nearly is that." (Jennifer Allen)

Fantasy Forest Story
By TeamLava


"Fantasy Forest Story has bright ideas, but its free-to-play trappings drag it down." (Nadia Oxford)

Monster Snack
By Total Eclipse P.C.


"Simple isn't always the best idea; at least not when it comes to endless runner, Monster Snack." (Jennifer Allen)

Swing Game
By Kotka Games


"Swing Game is a goofy physics game that challenges the player's brain as well as their reflexes." (Nadia Oxford)

Stratega RTS
By Beware Entertainment


"Expand your web of resources in this streamlined and simplified real-time strategy game." (Campbell Bird)

By Other Ocean Group


"Sharknado: The Video Game brings the craziness of the movies to iOS, though it quickly outstays its welcome." (Lee Hamlet)

Sticky Soccer
By Fast Pixel Games


"Sticky Soccer puts too much emphasis on the ‘sticky’ and not enough on the ‘Soccer’ or ‘Fun’." (Andrew Fisher)

Fraud Tycoon
By Kount


"Fraud Tycoon is a half-baked, messy, promotional tie-in that does their sponsor no favors whatsoever." (Rob Thomas)

All this, plus Nadia Oxford looks forward to Bioshock on iOS, and Jennifer Allen provides a guide to all things Pokemon-like in Micromon. Click on over to 148Apps now for app news, reviews, interviews, and more.