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The Oceanhorn: Game of the Year update is live on the App Store right now. So if you've already bought the Zelda-aping action adventure, you should be able to download it for no extra cost.

The update adds two hours of new content to the game, including a new island full of spooky ghosts. Spooky. You can also go fishing. Because a game isn't really a game unless you can catch fish in it.

At review we said "the beautiful, adventurous, and lengthy Oceanhorn is a strong stand-in for The Legend of Zelda on iOS, but don't expect it to top the real deal in any respect."

It's unlikely that some rod-based mini-games and a couple of hours of extra content is going to best Zelda either, but anything that adds more game-time to one of our favourite iOS adventures is fine by us.

If you've yet to give Oceanhorn a go you can grab it from the App Store right now for £5.99 / $8.99.

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