The latest update to the Gold Award-winning roguelike Hoplite will finally let you prove yourself a master of the game.

The newly arrived "Hoplite Master" achievement requires you to beat the game consecutively with unique prayers. Go on then, see if you can manage it.

Even if you do get that achievement, the update adds leaderboards to the game so that you can compare your best runs with your friends.

The update also adds a bunch of new balance tweaks, too. They're all detailed in this blog post.
Many of the prayers have been rebalanced and there are performance improvements for lower end devices.

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Some new animations that show when ranged demons are about to attack will also help new players to pick the game up.

Also worth noting is the following change: "Difficulty in the lower depths keeps increasing instead of hitting a plateau." Yep, the difficulty will just keep on rising the further you go down now.

In our review of the game, we said: "An incredible, ever-changing blend of dungeon-crawling and tactical puzzles, Hoplite may lack a little longevity but it's impressively entertaining while it lasts".

You can purchase Hoplite for £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store [buy] and Google Play [buy] right now.

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