RPSwipe is the next game from Amidos Games, creator of the Silver Award-winning Atomic+. It'll be released for iOS and Android on August 8th.

As with many game developers, Amidos was toying around with Threes! mechanics when coming across the idea for RPSwipe. It makes for an extra tough challenge.

Here's how it breaks down. Each tile in the grid has either rock, paper, or scissors on them - the usual rules of the playground game apply.

You swipe in any direction to move the blue and red tiles around. The aim is to have the blue tiles beat the reds to increase your score.

However, each tile also has a number on it. This is Tile Power, and only higher numbers can take out lower numbers.


So, you have to consider the colour, the type, and the number of each tile when swiping them around. It's as tough as it sounds, but the challenge is plenty enjoyable.

Whereas many tile sliding puzzlers have you trying to clear the board, in RPSwipe you're looking to strike a balance between defence and attack.

Outside of the Single mode just described, there's also a vs. Computer mode and a vs. Human mode. In these two modes, the opponent scores by taking out the blue tiles with red ones.

RPSwipe isn't quite Threes! (but then, what is?), but it's an different take on the tile-based swipe puzzler that should interest veterans of the genre. The multiplayer mode is a neat addition, too.

There's more information on RPSwipe on its website.