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Kapsula is a mash up of a racer and a puzzle game from the developer behind simple strategy title Faif.

The game sees you weaving through a ribbon of futuristic post-Soviet space tracks, collecting kapsules and then smashing them up to gain points.

You need to hit them against similarly coloured kapsules to break them. Or you can bash them into coloured strips of wall.

Hit a kapsule with your own vehicle and it's game over. There's a twitchy feel to the game, and a great art style that really makes it stand out.

Kapsula is available on the Google Play Store right now at a discount price. It's still in development, and there'll be more content added as and when it's ready. You can even suggest things you'd like to see from in the app.

There's an iOS version on the way as well, and we'll let you know as and when it hits the App Store. Honest we will.