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Straight out of the San Diego Comic Con, Capcom has announced that you'll be able to craft Link's (from The Legend of Zelda) equipment in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

So yep, as you hunt down monsters, you'll be able to do it in Link's signature green tunic, with his Master Sword and bow.

What gratifies this equipment load-out further is the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the first of the series to support online play on handheld. So you'll be able to show off your gear to your friends.

Adding to that, Capcom also said that there will be more special equipment announcements for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the near future. Perhaps you'll be able to get a whole party of Nintendo characters on the go, then.

No doubt these other announcements will be spaced out in order to fill the gap between now and the game's release in early 2015 for 3DS.

If that sounds like far too long to wait, then you can check out our hands-on video from E3 this year with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

There's a lot more information about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on its website.
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