Unit9 is keen to present SWIP3 to us as it believes that it is the first game designed "specifically" for Android Wear.

It's a match-3 puzzler played with swipes, predictably.

Three coloured blocks sit on the edge of each side of the central grid. You just swipe inwards from one of the sides to bring its blocks into the grid - it feels a little like Threes.

If three or more blocks of the same colour are adjacent, they'll disappear, adding to your score. The idea is to get the highest score you can.

SWIP3 is as simple as match-3 games come, then. Despite that, it seems like it may be your first gaming addiction on Android Wear.

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Why? SWIP3 is automatically installed onto any Android Wear device once it's connected with your phone, you see. It'll be right there from the start.

Google unveiled Android Wear - its wearable technology SDK - during its I/O event last month. It interacts with your Android phone, allowing your digital watch to act as extension of it.

Although SWIP3 is designed for Android Wear, you can still purchase it for 99p / 99c on Google Play [buy] for your Android phone.

You can even play SWIP3 for free online right here.