Rovio has updated the Silver Award-winning Angry Birds with a brand new bonus episode called "Flock Favorites".

You lot have been tweeting, chirping, and flinging your feathered bodies to vote for your favourite episodes in Angry Birds in recent weeks.

Rovio counted the votes and then created 15 new levels based on what your favourite levels are for this new episode. They include Short Fuse, Red's Mighty Feathers, and Surf and Turf. Get excited accordingly.

Additionally, in this bonus episode, Super Seeds have been turned into Power Potions. Using them will turn your birds into giants. Their bodies shall block the sun.

If you've already purchased Angry Birds you can download the update for free on iOS right now. Grab it on the App Store [buy] for 69p / 99c if you haven't already.

The Android version doesn't seem to have rolled out yet, but we're sure it will do soon. It's available on Google Play [download] for free if you're yet to pick it up.

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