Robote Games has updated its Silver Award-winning hardcore platformer Trambo with a new game mode called The Arcade.

Robote calls this new mode its "sincere love letter to Super Crate Box".

The Arcade has two arenas for you to play in and involves grabbing batteries before their timers run out. Pressure is added by spike pits, moving platforms, and turrets shooting at you.

You get one point for each battery you collect. If you die, or run out of time, your session comes to an end. Your high score is then added to the Game Center leaderboards.

This update is free to anyone who has purchased Trambo already. You might want to as well, considering that we said it's "A game so packed full of hate and anguish it's almost impossible not to recommend it."

You can purchase Trambo on the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99.