Metrico, the puzzle action game with the curiously infographical art style, is finally releasing on the PlayStation Vita: August 5th in the US, and August 6th in Europe.

With the advent of this announcement comes the first gameplay reveal trailer for the game.

Previous videos focused instead on Metrico's slick visuals: the dancing graphs and charts that decorate the backdrop and generate the landscape on which your character traverses.

These living infographs are not for nothing. The game's puzzles revolve around direction, orientation, repetition, and other elements that can be tracked and represented with data. Learning how to navigate the world of living stats that Metrico has created is the bulk of the game's challenge.

Because this gameplay is so difficult to represent in a video, the developers at Digital Dreams are offering a free demo for potential players following Metrico's release. This way, they can get a feel for the mechanics in a way a video can't provide.

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Even so, the trailer is looking great, and sounding just as good. Those spacey beats you're hearing belong to Palmbomen, the LA-based Dutch composer and recently announced musician behind the game's soundtrack.

In Metrico, music and visuals maintain a strong bond. As the player moves throughout the world, their actions trigger the different layers of each music track to "[create] a coherent experience with a nice atmosphere," as level designer Roy van de Mortel explains.

Experience the sights and sounds of Metrico yourself on PS Vita this August.

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