Our strangely trendy hero begins stranded on a plane of grey-scale tiles, floating in a starry void with nothing else but some fanciful piano playing in the background.

The game is Dark Way Down, a puzzler with sliding tile mechanics that rely on light and dark instead of physical obstacles.

Stepping on a tile switches its shade depending on what it was before - dark to light and light to dark. The goal is to light up all the tiles in the grid within the set amount of moves.

Transcend space and time by teleporting off the edge of the grid to the opposite side, saving you from overlapping tiles but also causing complications of its own once barriers are added.

While it starts out simple, Dark Way Down can pose quite the challenge in later levels, which introduce portals, larger grids, and a more limiting number of moves. There are 25 puzzles in total.

Play Dark Way Down for free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.