Square Enix revealed gameplay footage of its upcoming 3DS exclusive Final Fantasy Explorers during a Nintendo Direct conference today.

This should excite fans of both Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter, as Explorers seems to be an unholy marriage of the two.

As we discovered in June, Explorers gives you a full 3D realm to explore, hunt down crystals, and complete quests in, similar to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Most of the challenges involve defeating huge monsters known as Summons. Many of them will be familiar to Final Fantasy veterans as they’re taken from various games in the series.

To defeat the Summons, it’s best to team up with other players either through the ad-hoc multiplayer for nearby friends, or over a wi-fi connection for those far away.

You get to choose from four different “Jobs," including the Black Mage with its focus on ranged magic, the White Mage with its recovery spells, the powerfully defensive Knight, and the bare fisted brawler Monk.

There’s also a skills system to let you further customize your character with specializations, and a crafting system with over 500+ equipment options.

Despite the multiplayer focus, it has been confirmed that Explorers will have a single-player mode as well.

What hasn’t been mentioned so far is whether or not Final Fantasy Explorers will be released outside of Japan. We certainly hope so, and will update you once we hear more.