Do you like playing Doodle Jump-style endless platformer Sonic Jump, but get bored after about 35 seconds? Then you might like Sonic Jump Fever.

Also you have a short attention span and probably stopped reading this article like six seconds ago to go watch viral cat videos on YouTube.

Anyway. This free-to-play spin-off has all the same gameplay. So you can expect to tilt your phone left to right to guide a bouncing Sonic the Hedgehog from platform to platform.

But you have to earn your score under a strict time limit. Once the time is up, your height and coins collected are slapped onto the leaderboards.

Of course, you can use money - both in-game and real - to improve your chances at leaderboard success by grabbing boosts and upgrading your cast of characters. The game's also got an energy system and adverts.

If this sounds like it's up your alley, you can grab Sonic Jump Fever off the App Store and Google Play right now, for free.