Reckless Racing 3

Good news, racing fans - Pixelbite Studios has announced arcade racer Reckless Racing 3 for iOS and Android this autumn.

There aren't many details about the game yet. That shouldn't stop anyone who is a fan of the Gold Award-winning Reckless Racing 2 from buckling up in preparation for this threequel.

What Pixelbite has revealed so far is that Reckless Racing 3 "will focus on delivering a more streamlined Reckless experience."

That means you'll spend less time flicking through menus and more time racing, essentially. There will also be less restrictions and less grinding.

Pixelbite also confirmed that Reckless Racing 3 will sport better graphics and improved hardware support.

Unfortunately, that's all the details about Reckless Racing 3 we have for now. As soon as we hear anything more we'll let you know about it.

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