We liked the first Sky Tourist game quite a bit. It was cute, easy-going, and had a terrifically clever control system.

You see, astronaut explorer Petey Pendant had clipped his helmet to a clothesline, that's ran between two rockets on either side of the screen. By moving the rockets up and down you can move Petey about, and slide him left and right.

We said, "a clever and unique puzzle game, Sky Tourist is well worth your attention".

If you want more, you need to get your candy ass down to the App Store at midnight tonight, when sequel Sky Tourist Blitz Trip is out. It's using the same idea, but plops you in 60 new, shorter levels.

It's very similar to the original game, so if you had your fill the first time around you might want to hold off. But if you've been desperately clamouring for more Sky Tourist levels in the last year, here you go. You crazy diamond.

The game costs 69p / 99c. From our brief test, it doesn't look like there are any in-app purchases.