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Okay, something is definitely up.

The Room 2 went on sale yesterday. Monument Valley just has its first ever price drop. And, now, hazardously addictive number-cruncher Threes! has just gone on sale for the first time.

Whatever the case (an anonymous developer contact has told PG that a big Apple sale is coming later today), you should use the opportunity to get Threes! for 69p / 99c.

The game has you matching up like-numbered tiles on a cramped four-by-four grid, to make bigger and bigger numbers. But every time you swipe, a new tile is added to the board - until you get swamped and can't make any more moves.

In our Gold Award review, we said, "despite some frustrating chaotic elements, Threes! is a dashing, intelligent, and deceptively simple treat. This is your next essential puzzler."

And if 69p / 99c is too rich for your blood, you need to get yourself down to Starbucks and pick up a copy for free.

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