Watercolors is an obligingly simple puzzler that tasks you with mixing together various blobs of different hue.

You draw the colourful drips around with a finger, creating new colours by blending together lines of different shades.

Add a yellow to a blue to get green. Add a yellow to a red to get orange. The challenge arises from making sure you don't mix too soon and drag the wrong colour through one of the circles you need to fill.

The colour wheel

Each of the challenges the game sets has a brush stroke limit. Every time you draw a line and lift your finger, that's a stroke.

Most of the puzzles don't pose too much of a problem, but trying to beat them in fewer brush strokes is a far trickier prospect.

Colours blend when they touch, so you need to work out which to move first, and which path to take, to ensure that you're not mixing together your palette too soon.

The aim is to add the right colour to all of the glowing circles on the grid. Sometimes it's as simple as drawing a set of lines. Other times you need to draw multiple paths for each of the colours at your disposal.

It makes for a reasonably sedate experience that allows you to consider your moves carefully.

A time attack mode adds a more frantic note to proceedings. Here you have to complete as many puzzles as you can in a set time limit.

Tickled pink

Watercolors isn't the most original of experiences. It borrows mechanics from Dots and a handful of other App Store puzzlers, but it manages to add enough of its own ideas into the mix to make it worth a look.

It doesn't exactly spark with energy, but it bubbles along nicely, and it's likely to snare the sort of players who enjoyed its inspirations.

There's a solid chunk of game here as well, so if Watercolors does sink its teeth in, you'll find yourself with a game that'll last you a good long while.