We're out of the World Cup but rather than dwell on it let's look towards the incoming release of FIFA 15.

EA Sports has announced that the next game in the series will be available on 3DS and Vita in Europe on September 26th. Americans, you get it on September 23rd.

Previously, the handheld versions of FIFA 15 have been listed as "Legacy Editions". It's not yet known how these differ from the PC and console versions of the game.

Alongside the release date announcement comes a new video that goes over some of the changes in this new installment. Watch it below.

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Unsurprisingly, it seems that the gameplay is going to be the same as it is in FIFA 14. However, EA Sports has said that the team intelligence has been revamped. at least.

As expected, the visuals have been improved. This year the additions includes moving hair, shaking goal posts, and breathing players.

Apparently, the players will also show emotions. That, alongside an overhauled lighting system, means they'll be the most realistic in a FIFA game yet.

There's not too much to get excited about, then. We don't know how many of these features will make it into the 3DS and Vita versions, either.

See, you forgot all about that World Cup, didn't you?