It seems that you can add the phrase "turn-based tactics" to nearly any game pitch and it would turn out to be a good idea.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is the result of applying that logic to a space-based shoot-'em-up. It's not the first to have done it but Sock Thuggery looks like it's putting together the best attempt so far.

We introduced you to Mighty Tactical Shooter last year as we were impressed by its bullet bending potential. It's now on Kickstarter, but before we get to that, let's have a quick recap.

Turns take place about once every second. Bullets, spaceships, and missiles will rain towards you. Rather than having to react fast enough, you'll engage your brain to survive the onslaught.

You'll need to draw and drag paths for your ship and the missiles you fire with precision. You can also use gravity wells to bend your bullets.

The key is not to go out guns blazing but to turn enemy fire against itself. You've got to be devious and smart.

Sock Thuggery is seeking £10,000 in funding through Kickstarter to finish off the second half of Mighty Tactical Shooter's development.

There are no tablet versions of the game available but you can get a PC version by backing the game, at least. There's also a PC demo available to download on the Kickstarter page.

It's a fresh take on the '80s arcade shooter and one we'd love to see funded. If you're of the same thinking then spread the word or chuck your pennies at it - whatever you can to support.

The plan is to release Mighty Tactical Shooter on PC first, and to bring it to iPad and Android tablets afterwards.