Upon meeting strangers I sometimes describe my job as "conjuring up words for evil". It's for this reason that Dylan Loney's Words for Evil speaks to me.

Loney works for big game development studios designing games like Little Big Planet Karting and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. But in his spare time he creates games by himself.

Words for Evil is his first solo project, and it's a mighty fine looking one at that. It's got a cool concept, too: "a word game combined with a fantasy RPG."

You'll do all the usual RPG activities such as looting chests, battling monsters, buying new equipment, and levelling up. The difference is that your success in these events is determined by your word finding abilities.

Words for Evil

Looking at the screenshots, it seems that a grid of letters drops down and you have to draw a line between them to form words.

Ensuring that this doesn't become tiresome is the game's be quick or be dead attitude. It seems like a more wordy version of 10000000, then.

Not much more can be said about Words for Evil at the moment. But it already looks like a small game worthy of your attention. I'll admit that I can't resist the lure of a fast-paced word game, either.

Words for Evil should hopefully be coming to iOS and perhaps other mobile platforms after its initial PC release. You can find out more details on its website.