Kitten Challenge is an intriguing mix of auto-runner, platformer, and twitchy reaction timer that's out right now for Android.

You play a cat that's stood on a moving platform. The platform follows a path through the level, sliding past a variety of obstacles that you need to avoid.

The controls are simple. You tap the left of the screen to jump, and the right to flip around to the other side of the platform.

When you're airborne you can hold down on the left hand of the screen to float further, or push on the right side of the screen to bring yourself crashing back down.

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It's a clever system, and new power-ups and ideas are added often enough that things don't get boring.

After the first couple of levels things do get surprisingly tricky, and you'll need to think fast if you want to guide your kitty through the maze of rocks and planks you're trying to navigate.

There are extra kittens to unlock, and you can even build your own challenges with the game's level editor.

Kitten Challenge is available on the Google Play Store right now, and it won't cost you a thing to download it and give it a go. And we reckon that's a pretty good deal.