Haste is a frantic multiplayer word game that sees you trying to create as many words as possible from a grid of letters before your time runs out.

Your opponent is trying to do the same though, and you can't duplicate words. There are Scrabble-style bonuses on some of the tiles as well, so some words will score better depending where you put them on the grid.

It's not exactly an original idea, but Haste has a nice art style, and enough going for it that if you're a fan of word games it's worth a download.

Games last 90 seconds, and you need to create words by drawing lines through them. You trace your word horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or any combination of the three.

You can add words as short as two letters, and grabbing every possible word from a combination of letters is your best bet to win.

If you're the first to input a word it flashes green. If your opponent has already entered it it flashes orange. If you've made it up, it flashes red.

If you've got large fingers, then inputting some of the twistier words can be a bit fiddly, especially on earlier iPhones.

But more often than not the games rush by at break neck speed. You might notice how your opponent is doing, but it isn't until the final score is revealed that you know whether you've won or not.

You can only play with your friends if you connect through Facebook, which is a bit annoying. It'd be nice to see Game Center support in an update down the line.

Still, there's an engaging, fast-paced word game here. It might be a mix of old ideas, but they're all polished up and squished into a modern package.

If you're looking for a new word game to pass a few minutes here and there, you could do a lot worse than this.