Adonis Software has launched its free puzzler Watercolors on iOS today.

As mentioned a few days ago, Watercolors is a free puzzler that plays like LYNE (one of the best iOS games so far this year), except it involves mixing paints.

Each level has a number of circles that glow a specific colour that they need to be filled with. Your task is to drag the right colour to them through the limited paths of a grid.
Quite often, that will involve having to create the right colour first by mixing the different paints. Mix the paints too early, or the wrong paints altogether, and you may have to restart.

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The extra challenge worth pursuing is trying to complete each puzzle by not letting your finger off the screen. That's the only way to get three stars on each level.

Watercolors has plenty of levels on offer for free, but you can purchase more of them in-game if you want them. Seems a fair trade.

Watercolors is out for iOS right now, so go ahead and give it a try, especially if you liked LYNE.

An Android version of Watercolors will be coming shortly.