The insect-filled rock-'n'-roll adventure Ephemerid is now available on iPad.

We haven't talked about Ephemerid since August 2013. Since then, it's been a finalist at IndieCade, SXSW, Captivate, and BIG Festival.

So, what's all the hubbub about?

For starters, Ephemerid is made out of papercraft, glass, and paint. This gives its world a pleasant and unusual texture that most other games simply don't have.

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It's also a relaxing musical journey in which you guide a mayfly to find its destiny in a microscopic world full of bugs and rock-'n'-roll.

It's a game that combines narrative, gameplay, and music into one. You create harmony across its challenges, and apparently, it's play is so intuitive that you won't need a tutorial.

You can purchase Ephemerid for £2.49 / $3.99 on the App Store right now. There's more information on its website.