Square Enix has just released Gold Award-winning DS game The World Ends With You on Android. We're as surprised as you are.

The World Ends With You is an action RPG set in Tokyo's Shibuya district.

You play a spiky-haired teen called Neku who battles through hordes of monsters during the Reaper's week-long gauntlet.

To survive, you'll also need to make new friends and collect magical badges. Using your psychic superpowers will help, too.

Back to life

The World Ends With You was originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2008. It was then ported to iOS in 2012 with the title The World Ends With You: Solo Remix.

That port came with HD visuals and an improved combat system for the touchscreen controls.

The World Ends With You

This Android version seems to be the same as the iOS version. However, it doesn't carry the "Solo Remix" in its title, oddly.

In our review of the iOS version, we said: "The Worlds Ends With You is a deep and multifaceted adventure with clever combat, innovative features and a worrying shop-till-you-drop addictivity".

You can purchase The World Ends With You for £12.99 / $17.99 on Google Play right now.

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