After three years in development and many months in soft launch mode, ambitious world-building iOS game Supernauts is now available on the App Store, worldwide.

In the game, the polar ice caps have melted and the planet is almost entirely submerged underwater. Your job, as a Supernaut, is to rescue stranded citizens and house them on your orbiting space colony.

You spend half your time rescuing people in puzzling missions. The rest of your time is spent building your colony, brick by brick.


You can also visit planets made by your pals, join together in clans, and enter giant competitions that are initiated by developer Grand Cru and voted on by members of the community.

CEO Markus Pasula describes the whole thing as a mix between Minecraft and shared spaces like Habbo Hotel or Second Life.

"What is super inspiring about Minecraft is that the editor is not separate from the gameplay," says Pasula "You are actually creating at the same time as you're playing".


Finnish firm Grand Cru may be relatively unknown at this point, but the studio is famous amongst industry insiders for receiving huge amounts of investment money. The company had brought in some $16 million before it even started testing Supernauts.

"Money gives us time, and time is what you need," says co-founder and creative director Harri Granholm. "It doesn't help if you have a 50 man team, you can make a game with five people. You just need time".


Grand Cru has lots of plans for Supernauts "We will develop the game for years, and it we will make it something totally different than it is as launch," promises Pasula. But it refuses to set those ideas in stone, as it will adapt the game based primarily on player feedback.

Supernauts is available now on iOS, for free. There are no plans for an Android edition, but "it should be relatively easy for us if we want to do that," says Pasula.

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