Boom Lagoon has soft-launched Monsu on iOS in New Zealand.

Monsu is the only free-to-play collectible card-based action platformer that I haven't immediately hissed at.

You see, that combination of game elements typically leads to dull experiences that are designed to sap as much money out of you as possible.

But I don't get that vibe from Monsu. That's partly due to its cute, friendly art style that evokes playfulness. And partly because you can combine a tornado with a llama.

That's right, you're able to mix the powers of the cards you collect to use in battle. There are 40 unique character cards and many more weapons to try out.


Card-battling is only half of the game, mind. The rest of the time you'll be tapping to bash and jump across treacherous caves, castles, and forests.

Your goal is to beat up as many thieving villagers as you can (Monsu is a particularly scornful monster, you see).

Progression is endless, so if you get tired of thrashing villagers you can always invite a friend to a dual. Of, if you're feeling generous, you can throw them some extra lives.

If you have a New Zealand App Store account you can download Monsu right now for free.