Capcom and Nexon are currently developing Street Fighter IV Arena for mobile. It's being beta tested in Korea right now.

It's been four years since the Silver Award-winning Street Fighter IV came out on iOS. It's been three years since Street Fighter IV: Volt Battle Protocol, too.

So another Street Fighter IV spin-off seems a little overdue right now. But hey, we're not complaining - we'll gladly take more classic arcade fighting for our mobiles.

Unfortunately, we don't currently know if Street Fighter IV Arena will be a classic fighting game, or something else. We don't even know what mobile platforms it's for.

Street Fighter IV Arena

The word 'Arena' in the title suggests it might be a little different to the normal Street Fighter formula, mind.

We'll have to wait and see what Street Fighter IV Arena is all about when it's released later this year in Korea. Hopefully it will make its way westwards in time.

If you happen to have a Korean phone number you can sign up for the closed beta right here. Do let us know what it's like if you get in.