Badland creator Frogmind has said that it's interested in using the free-to-play model for its future games.

It was Frogmind's COO Teemu Maki-Patola who revealed this information while talking with at PG Connects last week.

Maki-Patola says that the reason for Frogmind's interest in free-to-play is not due to Badland doing poorly as a premium games.

In fact, he says that Badland has done as well as any premium game can hope to do in the current market.

Risky business

"Premium model pretty much requires you to get focus from the platform holders," Maki-Patola said.

"If you go premium and you don't get featured, then that's a really difficult position to be in, and you never get guarantees of getting featured. It's a risky business."

"Then again, if you go to the proper free-to-play side there are lots of big giants walking on that field, and if you need to use paid user acquisition, you need a pretty big war chest for that."

It's possible that Frogmind's next game after Badland could use the free-to-play model, then. We'll have to wait and see.

For now, you can watch the full interview with Maki-Patola in the video below.

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