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Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians developer Wolf Lang describes each level of his game as an "interactive music video".

These levels feature unique tracks, composed by industry greats like Austin Wintory (Journey) and Sabrepulse (UK chiptune musician). And small sections of the level are backed by tiny snippets of the overall song.

Those snippets dictate the beat, to which the game's clockwork enemies and obstacles move.

That includes snails that spit out fire, trampolines that shift position, jellyfish that dart through tunnels, and giant doors that slam open and shut. All moving to the staccato beat of the tune.


These tricky sections take place amongst massive, gorgeous hand-drawn backdrops. And there are other creatures and items to find, that can help you open new paths and solve puzzles.

Beatbuddy is a creative and charming game, and we can't wait to play more. It's out on iOS in a couple of months ("we can give an exact release date during Gamescom," says Lang), but until then, check out the video up top for a hands-on look.

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