Love Connection is a mix between Thomas Was Alone and Flow.

Like Flow, it has you tracing non-intersecting lines between same-coloured nodes. But, like Mike Bithell's boxy game, it's got rectangles, narration, and a sweet little story.

Your job is to guide Mr Yellow to signposts, as he conducts a year-long hunt for his missing wife. Along the way you'll help connect other coloured blocks who are finishing their search.

I love the playful, tactile interface, where you drag new levels out like drawers, tug down on a banner that says 'Retry' to start again, and spin your iPhone into portrait mode to pause.

The controls can be a little finicky, the isometric angle makes things a little harder to see, and it would certainly have been better on iPad. But there is a magnifying glass if you want extra precision.

Love Connection is a sweet and simple little game. And while it doesn't do much to expand on the Flow formula, you'll want to keep clearing levels to see where the story goes.

It's 69p / 99c and available on iPhone right now.