As you might have noticed, Pocket Gamer was in Helsinki this week hosting the Pocket Gamer Connects mobile gaming conference.

It's pretty rare for the PG Podcast hosts to be in the same postcode, let alone the same building, so we decided it would be the perfect time to record an extended podcast special.

In attendance are familiar voices, long forgotten hosts, Pocket Gamer editors, and someone completely new to the show. You'll also hear about some of our favourite mobile games, and hear the story behind our very first contact with this wonderful pastime of ours.

A few caveats: It's late, and we're all knackered, so don't expect coherence, incisive commentary, or words containing more than three syllables. It's recorded using whatever mics we had to hand, so it's not the usual studio quality production quality either.

Still, you get to learn the secret origin story of Peter Willington. And you need to know that. How else are you going to defeat him?

Download episode 279 MP3