In case you hadn't noticed, this week was all about our very own conference, PG Connects, which took place in the heart of Helsinki.

While we're sure you were eagerly keeping up to date with all of the news gushing out of Finland, you might have missed a few stories amid the downpour.

Don't worry about that though, because we've hand-picked the biggest stories of the week, giving you the chance to catch up on all of our Helsinki happenings.

Of course, the mobile gaming world waits for no man, and while we were globetrotting around Europe Amazon unveiled its long-rumoured Fire phone, Capcom opened itself up to the possibility of a takeover, and Rovio joined forces with Hasbro to make Angry Birds Transformers happen.

Here's the past 7 days in a nutshell:

PG Connects
  • Oceanhorn creator Heikki Repo explained how one screenshot brought in more than 1 million downloads
  • We found out how Nokia's N-Gage, the firm's 'glorious failure', shaped the future of the Finnish games industry.
  • Ruzzle creator and MAG Interactive CEO Daniel Hasselberg told attendees how to rake in downloads without splashing out on UA.

Tools and Platforms

  • TIGA unveiled its plan to connect UK developers and investors at a new finance event.
Industry voices
  • Our mobile mavens gave their thoughts on how developers should responds to Apple's apparent quest to control ad incentivisation.

Funding, acquisitions, personnel, and shutterings
  • Capcom opened itself up to the possibility of a takeover by reversing a decision made in 2008 that restricted the possibility of a hostile move by a single party buying up a controlling number of shares.
  • Rovio and Hasbro joined forces to launch an Angry Birds Transformers range.