James and Peter are back and raring to go after their adventures at E3 and PG Connects Helsinki, so we have something a bit different up our sleeves for today's Twitch broadcast.

Earlier this week we held our latest Very Big Indie Pitch in Helsinki, Finland. Developers came from far and wide to show us the games they'd been working so hard on.

Today we're going to play the winner, AG Drive, alongside some of the other top games from the show.

It's our first Twitch stream of the week after a bit of an absence, so we're looking forward to welcoming any newcomers as well as our beloved regulars. Remember to drop into the chat to say hello!

The stream will go live just after 5pm BST / 9am PDT over on our Twitch channel. Be there! Or, er... here! We've set things up so you can stream and chat below, you see. In any case, please do follow us on Twitch for a notification the moment we go live. Be seeing you.