Alistair Aitcheson has launched his very large and PG Connects winning party game Tap Happy Sabotage on Windows 8 today.

Tap Happy Sabotage is ideally played with the biggest screen you can possibly find.

It consists of a bunch of mini-games that will test your reactions. As the title implies, you're encouraged to knock your opponents' hands and generally play dirty.

Impressively, Aitcheson managed to find an 88-inch touchscreen at Microsoft's HQ in Reading. He then put his game on it and filmed some people playing, as you can see below.

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If you have a screen even quarter of that size it would certainly be worth picking up Tap Happy Sabotage to play it on.

Tap Happy Sabotage is free to download on the Windows Store [download]. It has no ads and no IAPs to speak of - a rarity these days.

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