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Updated on June 19th at 10:15: Boom Beach is now available worldwide on Android, so there's no need to move to Finland to play it.

You can grab the game from the Google Play Store right now for nothing [download].

Original story follows...

Supercell's Silver Award-winning follow-up to Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, is out now on Android. Or rather, it is if you live in Germany and Finland.

If you don't live in either of those countries then you're going to have to wait unfortunately.

We're not sure how long this soft launch will last, but it's a clear indication that the rest of the Android world is going to be able to play Boom Beach pretty soon.

At review we said "Boom Beach isn't a gigantic leap forward for the genre, but it's enough of an improvement over the competition to warrant further investigation."

If you're in Germany or Finland and own an Android phone or tablet you can start that investigation right now. We'll let you know when the game is released in the rest of the world.

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