Time is limited. Apps are plentiful. How can you make sense of the ever-increasing number of new games in the App Store?

Well, by reading Pocket Gamer, of course. But we can't possibly cover everything, and there are some games that just don't fit in our wheelhouse. Thankfully, our friends over at 148Apps are here to save the day.

Take a look at some of the casual games that have caught the attention of the 148Apps team...

Transport Empire
By Game Insight


"With long build times and somewhat aimless gameplay, Transport Empire is little more than a distraction." (Andrew Fisher)

Age of Fury
By Ordinary People


"Combining nice graphics, engaging combat, and slick design, Age of Fury is a dangerously addictive experience, expertly engineered to separate you from your wallet." (Andrew Fisher)

Pigs Can't Fly
By BulkyPix


"Help a pig escape Hell by encouraging him to fly in the right direction. It's fun, honest." (Jennifer Allen)

Once Upon A Time: Man
By Synergy-IT


"Historical trivia can be fun thanks to this simple yet fun board game." (Jennifer Allen)

By The National Filmschool of Denmark


"Plantman is a smart, funny and heart-warming platformer that will grow on players if they let it." (Lee Hamlet)

Edge of Tomorrow: Live. Die. Repeat.
By Warner Bros.


"Repetition might work for the movie, but it's not a hit when it comes to the game." (Jennifer Allen)

All this, plus Carter Dotson checks out the Canadian release of Tony Hawk's Shred Session, and Rob Rich takes a look at some of the new gaming controllers for iOS introduced at E3.

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