Ubisoft and RedLynx have updated the Bronze Award-winning Trials: Frontier on iOS with a bunch of new content.

Don't worry if you regularly play the game on Android, by the way: the update will be heading your way some time in July.

As you can tell by reading the headline to this article, this Trials: Frontier update is rather large.

For starters, it contains a new Home Sweet Home mission. Oh, and 11 new tracks on which to spin your tyres.

With the all-new customisation options in the Home Shack, you can also finally change the outfits of your rider and the paint job on your bike.

Monkey business

Unquestionably, though, the most important part of this update is Banana Time. Yep, you read that right - you can throw banana peels into the paths of the villains so they slip up while you take the lead.

Other fresh additions in this update include an updated Loot Wheel, and the ability to connect to Trials Fusion (on console and PC) for bonus rider gear.

Lastly, you can now set push notifications for when your friends pass you on leaderboards. That's for the mega-competitive folks out there.

You can download Trials: Frontier for free from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right this second.

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