Even with E3 finally winding down it's quite tough to take in all the information we've been bombarded with.

If only there were some kind of podcast that could gather up all the best stories of the week and present them in a digestible form, full of British wit...

Oh, hello there! The Pocket Gamer Podcast is here to do all of the above and much more besides, and in a live, uncut video form. Pop over to our Twitch channel to experience it a day early, with trailers, hands-on videos, and lovely talking heads.

This week James and Harry will be cherry-picking the best handheld and smartphone stories from E3, as well discussing the week's big app updates and new releases.

If you're a Final Fantasy nut you're in for a treat as we'll be discussing the upcoming double-bill of Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. Scrumptious.

You'll be able join us live on our Twitch channel from 5pm BST / 9am PDT. Remember to follow us on Twitch for a reminder of when we're going live every weekday!