Developers need to stop worrying about flashy aesthetics and start focusing on what matters. Yep, solid and engrossing content.

According to the creator of the iOS version of A Dark Room (a text-based game that centres on resource management, story, and exploration), modern developers are sometimes guilty of prioritising style over substance.

Speaking about his own creative experience over on our sister site, A Dark Room maestro Amir Rajan believes that a small helping of self-restraint can help give a game more focus, clarity, and meaning.

Removing the noise

"Only using word is a wonderful constraint," Rajan said. "I wish more creators would place emphasis on content."

"Given that A Dark Room is completely text based, putting lipstick on a pig, by placing flashy graphics, explosions, or sound effects wasn't an option.

"The constraint removed the 'noise' giving Michael [Townsend] and I clarity, and as a byproduct, the game and player received clarity too."

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