Christmas just came early for Vita-owning fans of classic Tim Schafer games.

During an interlude of its E3 conference, Sony's Adam Boyes confirmed that the classic point-and-click adventure title Grim Fandango would come to the PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

Although Sony didn't provide a release date or release window for the launch, Boyes confirmed on-stage that it'd be a remastered version developed by Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions.


Grim Fandango is a noir-to-the-nines adventure game set in the afterlife that features characters inspired by Mexican calaca figures.

Players take control of Manuel Calavera - a travel agent of sorts - who must guide souls to their final rest in the Ninth Underworld. In the midst of his work, Manny discovers and sets out to right a criminal plot - all to the iconic soundtrack by Hearthstone composer Peter McConnell.

We don't know when, exactly, Grim Fandango will waltz over to the Vita - but Tim Schafer noted that he'll talk about other platforms "soon" after the PS4 and Vita version are wrapped up.