Retro-style arcade shooter Gravity Crash Ultra will be making a neon splash on the Vita's PlayStation Store this July.

This is an upgraded edition of the 2009 PSP title Gravity Crash. It'll run at 60 frames per second, and has upgraded lighting and particle effects.

On top of that, the interface has been decluttered, including the radar and notifications system. Plus, the soundtrack by CoLD SToRAGE has been remixed.

The gameplay remains very much the same. However, a third ship has been created to add an additional difficulty setting to the game.

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Ultra also retains the PSP game's mission editing and sharing features. This means that there's already five years of user-created content to delve into.

Developer Just Add Water decided to remake the game for Vita after porting the Silver Award-winning Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath to Sony's handheld.