Offhand, we don't know how many people play through Telltale's award-winning The Walking Dead games on the PS Vita - but given that there was a bundle created for it, we assume that it's somewhere between "a lot" and "a whole lot". For that lot, Telltale's got some great news - the Bronze Award-winning The Walking Dead: Season 2 is out now on the PlayStation Network.

Sure, it's a bit late - but we're not complaining.

And if you're a Kindle owner, well, you can get your second season zombie on too - it's on the Amazon Appstore as well.

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In our review of The Walking Dead: Season 2 - In Harm's Way, we noted that "There's some clever writing and direction in 'In Harm's Way', and you're unlikely to play another mainstream game quite like it this year,"

Unfortunately, we also noted that its first act wasn't "a vintage episode".

Still, it's more of the same Walking Dead drama you may or may not love - so if you're eager to get your Clem on, head over to the PSN or Amazon Appstore today to check it out.

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