In a handful of hours, a lonely and rather empty part of Los Angeles will play host to thousands of industry attendees - and tens of millions of industry dollars - as E3 once again rolls into town.

Whether or not E3 is a "mobile" show in your opinion or whether you view it as a playground for the console boys, it's still an amazing time to get swept up in the enthusiasm for games which brought many of us into our respective lines of work however many years ago.

It's also a time to glance around at the strangers you'll pass in the halls - some obsessively checking their 3DS for StreetPasses while others tap away on any number of mobile games. Heck, you'll probably even see a handful of Vitas out in the wild.

As you pass these players, take a second to appreciate what they're doing. Don't judge them if they're playing a game or platform you might not care for, take an honest moment to look at the enthusiasm and concentration on their faces as they enjoy whatever media it is they're consuming.

That look, that moment, and that portability is - after all - the very lifeblood of our industry, and it's a wonderful thing.

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