Imagine that you could only get around by shooting a gun with enough kickback to push you around. That's the core idea in Spooklands.

It's a one-touch game in which you get lobbed into an arena with aggressive hordes of nightmarish creatures. To shoot them you just tap the screen at the place you want the shot to land.
Dodging is done in the same way, except you tap in the opposite direction you want to travel in due to the recoil. Just picture Will Smith in Men In Black shooting the Noisy Cricket (the tiny gun) - that's what you do in Spooklands.

Your aim to survive for as long as possible. To do that you'll need to keep moving and shooting by tapping all over the place.

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Collecting power-ups to help you along is also vital. There are ten of them, but you'll need to perform well to unlock the better ones.

Spooklands is a colourful arena shooter with exuberant and lively enemies to battle, then. There are three difficulty levels and three different arenas.

It'll be coming to iOS and Android at a price of 69p / 99c this July. There's more information on the developer's website.