Space Noir

It's not every day you get the chance to see a new planet.

Granted, Ignotis is fictional and part of the Space Noir universe. But I bet you don't get any other offers of a similar nature this evening.

N-Fusion Interactive and Unity Games released a bunch of new Space Noir screenshots today, you see. They're all taken from levels based around the planet Ignotis.

Those who know their Latin will realise that the name 'Ignotis' is derived from Ignitus, from where we get the word 'ignite'. Yes, that means that Ignotis is a fiery planet.

You can have a look at the new Space Noir screenshots in the gallery in the top right. Here's one of them below.

Space Noir

Ignotis is just one of many planets through which we'll be flying and battling in Space Noir. The last one we saw was covered in snow and ice - the opposite of Ignotis.

Space Noir will be whizzing onto PC and tablets this summer.